The story

The wispiness and royalty of silk in 'barely there' murmurs of a dress.

Born as a direct descendant of lingerie, the slip was originally used by women who dabbled with the taboo’s of the time. Sex, rebellion and allurement were all vehicles of feeling and expression that complimented the flimsy nature of the iconic slip dress. Blurring the lines between public and private, the slip had always tinkered on the edge of appropriate, and in and out of fashions consciousness.

 Now, in an age of empowerment, the slip dress is back for a defiant return.

 Transcending trend due to its versatility, a handful of women have realised the power of the slip over the course of history. While fashion often asks us to choose between sexy and style, the slip sets a tone of its own, bridges the gap, and acts as a preview for the many things women are and can be. Forever captivating, it’s icon status is thanks to its ability to connect a woman with her femininity, sensuality and personality all at once.

Gertrude's response to this pivotal moment in fashion's history is adopting a look, so deceivingly simple, that it is now as extravagant as the clothes they used to hide beneath.

The Gertrude silk collections lend themselves to an everyday rotation; quiet and restrained, with intentions to reveal through misbehaving spaghetti straps, and hems high and low. A sensuality hard to ignore, we are deconstructing the sexiness, subverting it, and walking a line between refined and risqué, a display of pure innocent rebellion.

Slowly becoming a mood, Gertrude is for those who share a style of sartorial irreverence, who flirt with the boundaries of fashion will choose on the merit of the cut. Bias with a low slung V-neck, and squared off necklines, muted earthy tones and the classic black and white, brings more glamour to the sleek silhouette, while letting the wearer be the main attraction.