Conversations with Alberta and how the Gertrude Silk collection lend themselves to her everyday rotation, and the hard to ignore sexiness that bridges the gap between between the sexy and the style. 


Conversations with Lucette take us back to the early 20th century, where we dabble with the allurement that compliments the flimsy and whispering nature of Gertrude. 


Conversations with Joni relate us back with Gertrude's sartorial elegance, and how the silks sleek silhouette allows her to be the main attraction, and lets her personality speak for itself. 


Conversations with Kim and her adoption of the Gertrude Silk pieces for a look that is so deceivingly simple it connects her with her femininity, sensuality, and personality all at once. 


Conversations with Jade shows her display of pure rebellion in an age of empowerment, and how Gertrude Silk lends itself to the power of her femininity.    


Conversations with Eva and her compelling confidence that the Gertrude Silk slips set a tone of their own, and act as a preview for the many things women are and can be.


Conversations with Alex take us between her public and her private, and how the Gertrude slips tinker on the edge of refined and risqué, with a sensuality hard to ignore.